Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas seemed to sneak up on me last minute! I had all the major things ready but somehow I still felt caught unaware! Oh well everything ended up really nice. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all a VERY happy New Year <3


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Baby- A look back thru her FIRST YEAR!

I just wanted to put all her pictures in one place.. a little time line of her first year!

Happy Birthday Baby - Newborn!

1 Month old!-

2 months old!-

3 months old!-

4 months old (and mommy finally found a spot to take monthly photos)-

5 months old!-

6 months old!-

7 months old!-

8 months old!-

9 months old!-

10 months old!-

11 months old!-

And finally 12 months old aka 1 full year! I love you baby!-

It's been a great first year as a mom and I can not wait for the many exciting years to come raising my sweet baby!


October was so BUSY!

As I had suspected all along October was by far the busiest month! Worrying about my birthday, Halloween, and Brooke's early November birthday made there SO much to do! But I loved every second of it! First off I want to post about the adorable wreath I made this year. It was a project from last year that I bought stuff for but never completed. Why I don't know because it was SO easy! Here's what I did..

First I took a piece of foam board and cut a square hole in the center!

Next I took leaves off a fall garland I bought on sale last year and I hot glued them individually to the foam board

I hot glued a fall ribbon from Target's dollar spot a few years ago to the corner of the board and continued adding leaves till it looked to my satisfaction! Then I simply hung it on the wall!

I love it! Anyways, here are some of the adorable pictures from our fall/Halloween season this year!

And then came my baby's first birthday!!!!!!!! I don't want her to grow up!! Here are some of the details of her VERY planned cowgirl party ha ha!

Everyone loved it! Here are some of the party pictures!

Now that that's all over with I'm kind of waiting out Thanksgiving which was never a real favorite for me, and am super excited for Black Friday to start off my Christmas Season!! I love this time of year and the decorations that come with it! My goal this year is to be decorated, cards done and ready to be mailed and shopping done by the first week of December. Will I get there? Doubt it! Ha ha but it's always good to have goals! Hopefully it wont take me months to post again! Love you all who read this!