Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Long time, no write..

Oops! Seems life caught up with me and writing a blog was just the last thing I could keep track of doing. I'm sure a lot of you mommas out there know what I'm talking about. Now that my 17 month and 2 week old toddler (super crazy that she's almost a year and a half I know!) is a VERY active mobile demanding but sweet loving and adorable little human; "me" time is nearly impossible to come across. Except at night and by then even sitting online is tiring! Plus I've had less time for computers because I've been getting up off my butt and exercising! Not nearly as much as I should be, but everyone has to start somewhere! We recently upgraded to I phones and I think it has honestly changed my life. Seems crazy to say a phone changes your life but it has! I downloaded an app called the My Fitness Pal (anyone who can download it I highly recommend it). It mostly helps to count calories, you put your info in, standard things like height weight and goal weight and your activity level and it sets how many calories a day you should be eating to lose your desired weight (I have mine set to 1 lb a week). You can scan bar codes to get direct information from the products themselves or search the database to find homemade or restaurant food options! The added movement to my life and actually caring about what I put in my body is changing me inside and most importantly out, I have been logging in for 3 weeks and have already lost about 9 lbs!! Go me! I am sure I will post more when I reach bigger  goals! I'm not looking for the numbers to fall away over night, I realize that it took MANY years of terrible habits to get this way, and will more than likely take at least a year to fix them.

Changing topics, this weekend will be very exciting on Saturday we will be attending our church Spring Fling! Last year I had to miss out on it because it is an adult only day and I had a tiny nursing baby. With the purchase of our tickets we will get free food free drinks free beer (which I wont be partaking in because beer is so disgusting to me ha ha) and a chance to win many prizes in the raffle with a grand prize of 5,000!  Here's hoping for A prize even if it's an extra Chinese auction basket! Then on Sunday it's the boy scout carnival! I posted about it last year and about how much I LOVE it. Seriously a highlight of my year! (specially if we win big again!) I've been saving my extra grocery money and have my birthday money held back! If we win a lot or big at either place I will try hard to write about it!

To write a little update about my currently sleeping soundly baby girl, she really is growing way too fast! Besides walking and running she is also CLIMBING! We can't leave a chair pulled out without her trying to type on the computer or grab something off the table! She loves to dance and spin in circles! She also likes to do this "stand on her head" move where she looks at you upside down threw her legs and laughs! She giggles SO cute! And she talks! A LOT! But I love it and am excited for the days we can talk about all kinds of things together! She still calls my sister Aunt Ba Ba some things just stick I guess! She calls our dog Bindi either dog dog or BiBi. I love when she says Biiii Biiiiii and then makes kissing noises and tries to snap her fingers to call the dog to her! The dog still chooses to ignore her as much as possible. She loves playing with her baby and other babies and I just recently gave her my old doll I had named Daughter when I was little! It feels good to see my little girl loving the doll I had loved! She still wont sleep in her crib, I finally gave up and got fed up with her kicking my back if she slept with us, so now she sleeps on her crib mattress on the floor next to my bed.. she has her own space but is still in an arms reach of me. We both win ha ha. She LOVES animals, her favorite show is an older show called Zoboomafoo which we can only watch on On Demand so we watch the same 4 episodes every single day! She can't say Zoboomafoo or Zobo, she calls it A Boo Boo or abooboofoo, which is cute but when you've already watched 2 in a row her persistent little a boo boo's are hard to take ha ha. She loves to spot the "hop hops" in the yard or on walks, she calls almost all birds ducks ha ha and she loves to look for kitty's at grandad's house! She just got a sandbox for Easter and loves it. Now she wants to go outside every day to play in it! Even if it's a little too cold! She went down her little slide all by her self for the very first time the other day, she climbed up without a worry but then was scared to go down! When she finally did I was so proud of her and she was proud of herself too she yelled yay and clapped her hands! Every day she is learning something new and I feel truly blessed to get to experience it!

Night all!

(I don't currently have spring pictures loaded into my computer.. so enjoy a few winter-y ones ha ha)

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