Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Snow... really... that's all I have to say

Ugh.. snow! Even if it doesn't stick to the ground it's still snowing. After those beautiful days awhile back snow feels like a kick in the pants. To make matters even better Brooke has whined pretty much every moment she's been awake today. It's not crying, just a pitiful little whining noise that after awhile just REALLY gets under my skin. You can't get mad at her since she's just a baby but it still can get frustrating to listen to when I know she's perfectly fine. Here's hoping that it's just a stage and will end soon much like the stupid snow! Tonight we're going to my mom's house for supper. (Thank goodness to have a chance to pass off the baby when she's whining for awhile lol.) She's making chili which i think is disgusting but my husband loves it, so when she makes it we go over. It's his only chance to enjoy it because I refuse to cook a dinner that I wont eat.
Anyways, I tried to start to make a paper bunny head craft to hang up on the wall.. nothing special just SOMETHING because I haven't had the time or opportunity to use to my creativity and when I don't get that chance I start to get cranky. I'm not sure if I like it or not yet, what do you all think?

It's not finished yet, not even close because I couldn't decide if I even liked it. Plus Brooke started whining SOO loudly and the dog kept trying to basically lay on it that I about lost my mind and had to leave it for later.It would need teeth, whiskers, more detail to the eyes and maybe a hair bow or something before it was finished. I'm also hoping to finish my staircase decor before Easter actually gets here. Currently it looks like this:

I'd love to add lettering to it that says "Hopping Down The Bunny Trail" as well as Easter eggs and other details. If not this year maybe next :o)
Well that's going to have to be all I write today as the baby whines have started again. This has been SUCH a long day ha-ha

<3 Rachel

P.S. At least I finished the dining room and started working on the kitchen these last few days, maybe I'll have my goal of being clean by summer done early! Here's hoping! Oh and just wait till I post about the fun that's going to happen on April Fool's Day! muahahahhahaha!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday fun

This week sure went by fast!! A quick congrats to the SRU women's rugby team for winning there tournament this weekend!! Today was such a great day! Chris suggested taking the baby to see the Easter display at Kraynak's unfortunately we were a week too early for the Easter Bunny. But it was still so neat to see the display I had only ever been there for Christmas. After that we went to Daffin's Candy and Philadelphia Chocolates. I also got to go to Pat Catan's for the first time! I could spend days in that store :o) crafts as far as the eye can see!! We also stopped at the Outlet mall but didn't buy anything. I've really been trying to cut back on my spending! So now it's late yet again as it's the only time I ever really have the time to write. While writing and catching up on some of my favorite blogs I've been entering free sweepstakes, right before I started typing this I won a free Tony's pizza!! woo-hoo! That will help make a great dinner and make my grocery total stay under my 50 dollars a week budget! Hopefully I'll win a few more things before I go to bed tonight! Besides being a mom I must say getting free items might just be one of my favorite things! In this coming week I hope to get all my laundry completely done instead of washed and left in a basket in my living room and to complete my thorough "going-through" and cleaning of my dining room and hopefully start one the kitchen. It has proven to be a MUCH bigger task than i had expected. I'm hoping to have the entire house cleaned out and scrubbed down by summer. I need some order and stability in my house to help me achieve it in my day to day! Well that's it for me for tonight! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

<3 Rachel

P.S.  After I was done writing this I also won a "free styling tool" from a Suave game, I'm not sure what that tool will be since it didn't specify but I picked that prize I  got 6 out of 8 mini games correct so I had a choice from 2 coupons, 1 free styling product, 2 free styling products, a beauty magazine subscription, or the tool, so we'll see if I made the right choice in 6-8 weeks from now!



*this is where I won a free pizza! Go ahead and try your luck too! Let me know if you also win!*

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boring Every Day Things

That is what has made up these last few days.. well not all of it Sunday we did have dinner (a very tasty one at that) with my in-laws :o)  it was nice to see them up till my headache took over. I had a headache most of monday as well which made everything seem impossible to do so  I did very little. Today I went to the dentist.. 1 cavity!! wasnt too happy about that but I suppose everyone will get at least 1 someday and this is my 1. After the dentist I did the laundry and then I held my sleepy baby till dinner time and then we had our Baptism class at the church that we had to attend in order to baptize Brooke. So hopefully within the next month or 2 we can get that to happen!! But now my baby is crying and hungry and I'm very sleepy so hopefully I will feel back to normal tomorrow and get some time to do a craft to blog about! I hope everyone's had a great day!

<3 Rachel

Friday, March 18, 2011

Just a few quick words

It has been SO nice out these past few days that I've been too tired to write at night before bed! We've gone for a walk with my mom to the park near her house (a picture of that to come at a later date). Walked by my house, played outside in the sunshine! All that fresh air has made us tired! Plus I have been trying to battle the crazy amount of dirt/clutter/excess-iveness that has lived in my house for WAY to long now! I haven't gotten vary far at that battle yet, it's so hard when it's nice AND you have a sweet potato with a stuffy nose who wants her mommy! I'm hoping to get my Easter decorations (the little I have) up maybe tomorrow. It's the only thing that needs done for the holiday other than buying cards. I'd also like to maybe do an Easter/Spring craft or 2 or 10 in the next few weeks so I will add them on here as I do them :o)   And for any of you who are in search of a good deal, I signed up for my free coupon of coffee creamer from vocal point and linked it to my blog for anyone else who reads this to  try to get as well! I love Vocal Point and well any company that is willing to send me coupons for free full sized products! I got a free box of pasta because of them not too long ago! I don't really care for coffee so I"m not sure if I will find a friend to give the coupon too or maybe just leave it in the grocery store under one of the creamers to brighten some one's day! Anyways it's late and my little one is asleep so to bed I am heading too! Night and I hope everyone in this nice weather has been enjoying it! Welcome back Spring! We sure have missed you!

<3 Rachel

P.S.   I think there is a bird living in our bird house this year!! It makes me so excited!!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

"Luck of the Irish Family Fun Night"

So even tho we aren't actually Irish, and it's not quite St. Patrick's day I thought it would be fun to have a family fun night using the theme anyways! And let me tell you, I was right! I made sure there were an array of activities from board game - cross word puzzles. Then to make things interesting we needed something to want to play for! Introducing "Lucky Bucks"

I found these cute printable dollars online! I printed out 8 making each game we played worth 1. Next we set a value to them. We set the stakes pretty high making them worth basically anything a foot rub, a you get up with the baby this morning, a get out of dishes pass, etc.. anything you really want the other person to do instead! It made us both REALLY want to win! First game up was a hand cut paper puzzle of a shamrock! There was only 1 so we timed it, it took Chris forever! Over 11 minutes! He never completely finished it, he said I didn't cut it right that there were things missing but I didn't believe him! Next up was my turn.. it took me almost 9 min. and I realized that there were indeed pieces missing so no one got to win lol! After that we did a word search puzzle and Chris kicked my butt!! Next up was a round of Yahtzee! 

Chris was in the process of rolling a Yahtzee as I took this picture SO needless to say he won that game. We played a second time to make up for my puzzle disaster and once again he rolled a Yahtzee and I did not. Score so far Chris-3 Rachel-0  this was NOT looking good for me! Next we did a printable maze, the picture below says it all...

I didn't even get half way!!! I was really getting worried now! Chris-4 Rachel-0  After that last disaster I was looking forward to playing the card game Golf. I was sure my luck would turn around.. but alas Chris beat me by almost 25 points.. I was only 1 away from having double the points he did and this is a game about having low points! Next we did another word search puzzle and FINALLY I won!! Chris-5 Rachel-1 After that we did a quick printable sheet of a pot of clovers and you had to find the only 4 leaf one.. and unfortunately CHRIS WON AGAIN! I couldn't believe what bad luck I'd had! Last but not least we settled into the couch for a round of Life on wii. Chris won but acted like a bad sport during most of the game so he said it shouldn't count so we played mousetrap on wii for the last lucky buck. This picture will show how those results ended..

All in all it was a super fun night even tho the results ended with Chris winning 7 of the 8 lucky bucks! It looks like I will have a lot of the no fun chores heading my way! Maybe he'll save them for awhile and forget and I'll get lucky but it's doubtful! We have till St. Patrick's day next year to use them but I have a feeling they will be used in less than 2 weeks! To wrap up our game night here's one last photo showing our winnings!

Thanks to everyone who's reading along! I hope you all have had a great night and have fun finding ways to keep happiness in your homes!

<3 Rachel

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My very FIRST post!

First I'd like to say hello to anyone who stumbles across this! I'm not sure what exactly this is going to be, if I ever remember to post on it at all that is.."the road to good intentions..." I just wanted a place of my own, somewhere maybe I could inspire others as I've been inspired from the blogs I read. And now a little about me..
My name is Rachel
I am a stay at home mommy to Brooke who is still so teeny tiny at 4 months old! She holds most of my heart!
I got my title for my blog from being the only stay at home mom my age that I know, so I figured it made sense to me to post as Rachel at home since well that's where I am!
The other holder of my heart is my husband Chris! We've been married for 2 years and 6 months as of yesterday! I love him so much he makes even the bad days worth trudging through to get to spending time together.
I am the owner of an adorable dog named Bindi (after the croc-hunters little girl) she will always be my first "baby".
 I am the daughter of 2 loving parents who after 26 years are still lovingly married setting an incredible example of how married life should be!
I have 1 wonderful sister who I will always be a huge fan of *even if that includes her rugby playing*
I am the lucky daughter-in-law of 2 incredible people who treat me like one of there own
I am also the sister-in-law to my kind fun loving brother and sister in law :o)
I am a huge fan of finding new recipes I rarely make the same things twice.
I LOVE crafts they are just a slight huge obsession of mine :o)
I'm still finding my way with all these things above but I'm enjoying every  day of it! Well I think that's it from me for my very first blog post! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
<3 Rachel