Thursday, September 22, 2011

Learning to sleep is hard on a momma and how to a make cheap halloween decoration

This past week has been pretty tough. I'm trying to teach Brooke to finally go to sleep on her own (yes I know something I should have done a long time ago). Every day when she starts to get very sleepy I have been taking her upstairs, putting her in the pack n play in my bedroom, (I couldn't bare to put her in her own room right away) kissing her forehead of course, telling her I love her and to have a good nap, turning on the radio and saying nite nite baby and leaving the room. And then she cries, and cries, and cries, and I feel like the worst mother ever, and then a few minutes to a half hour later she's asleep. Hopefully now that were starting to get into a pattern the half hour times will be less and less and the few minutes will be more common until she doesn't cry at all. I have to admit being at my mom's house today when she was tired was so wonderful even tho I know she is getting a mixed message about nap time, I missed holding her while she fell asleep! I want to hold her but I know it's best for her to sleep on her own, and myself too! Finally time to myself to clean things up or maybe even take a nap too! Maybe even do some fall decorating!! I've only done 1 Halloween decoration so far, and it was an unfinished from last year. Maybe tomorrow I can break out the hot glue gun while Brooke is napping and finish my other "unfinished" from last year.

The project I just completed is SO cute. Everyday when I go up or down the stairs I just look at it in awe haha! The only thing that could maybe improve it and I'm still considering it, is to add Halloween ribbon to it to hang it with instead of the little metal piece that is on the back of it. So what is this wonderful cheap project?? Well it all starts with this....

A super cheap $1 photo frame from the dollar store. And then also a little of this...

A piece of scrapbook paper at about .50 cents and some Halloween scrapbook stickers no more than $3 (Since I bought supplies last year while suffering from pregnancy brain I have no clue what I actually spent). Also some spray paint. I have no idea what I spent on it but since I don't care to spend tons of money probably no more than $5.

Just spray paint till you can no longer see gold. (The hardest part is the edges of the frame since those are still visible when hanging. It used many coats of paint but I still probably have at least 1/2 to 3/4 of the can left so still lots of projects could be done with that $5 or so.

And when you put it all together.. you get....

SO CUTE! Plus it cost under $10. I love how it's hanging on my wall! Plus when I add the "eerie" footsteps craft to the steps it will look even so much cuter!!

Well I think that's all for me for tonight. I'm super tired. I'll just leave you with a few adorable pictures of my baby :o)


P.S. I hope you all like the new colors! I felt the old colors were making everything look too down and serious.

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