Saturday, January 19, 2013

Before baby 2

Hi everyone! All 1 person who will visit here today ha ha! Sorry I haven't written in so long! Finding time has not been a strong suit of mine lately! A 2 year old is hard to keep up with!! I didn't even write her a second birthday post! Mostly because I got pregnant again!! Baby number two woo hoo! Ha ha! This little one isn't expected till April (only 2 1/2 months or so away) but my body doesn't seem to handle pregnancy so well. I get sick in the beginning, super tired the whole way thru and very achy at the end. I end up doing months of work in a week or 2 when I can find the energy and my body doesn't kill me for it! I wish I could be one of those super women who have no symptoms other than a bigger belly! Oh well we're all different for a reason I suppose! I hope you will all keep checking back and see if I post, someday when my babies are older I'd like to make this a more regular thing! We shall see.. anyways thanks again to those of you who keep checking in!! I will try to remember to write about baby when he/she arrives!



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