Tuesday, April 5, 2011

two steps forwards one step back

I swear that title sums up my life. Ha ha! Every time I feel like I'm starting to get something done I turn around and there's 3 new things added to the list! This whole mommy thing is a never ending (yet fun filled) adventure! I just wish I had more time to do everything.. more time for the laundry more time for the internet more time to play with my sweet heart more time for crafts just more time! The crazy part is that I have more time than most people I know! I give credit to all the single mom's out there I honestly don't know how you do it.
Anyways, Brooke turned 5 months the other day! 5 months! She's getting so big it's crazy! Her daddy said he can't wait till she turns 9 months so he can tell her she's been out longer than she was in.  I reminded him that it'd have to be a little longer than that but I thought it was pretty funny. :o) 
I had a little bit of time to craft the other day, I took a card that my Aunt Tammy had made me that had a stamped bunny on it, and I cut him out poked a hole in the top and modge podged it. I then added one of those ring things (the name of which is currently slipping my mind) and slid it onto a green ribbon. I added 2 blue beads to either side of the little square bunny picture to help weight it down and give it a little extra and tied the ribbon around my neck and Ta-Da! instant Easter necklace!

I think it's so cute! I was proud of myself. I'd seen other probably  definitely nicer versions of necklaces on the internet but I like my poor little someday will fall apart bunny!
I also added a little bit of detail to my paper bunny wall hanging thing. But I haven't glued anything down or finished or even decided if it's worth keeping still, tho it is starting to grow on me a little!
Tomorrow is a busy day! More housework because as I mentioned above it NEVER ends! But also a lunch date with a great friend tomorrow! Who gets to meet Miss Brooke for the first time! So I'm excited about that!
Anyways I need to get some sleep so tomorrow I can try to conquer the world.. well maybe just the laundry! :o)

<3 Rachel

*doesn't that photo just scream peacefulness! One of my favorite I've ever taken!*

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  1. It is a great photo. You should enter it in a contest. I think it would be nice to enlarge and use as a wall picture.