Monday, April 25, 2011

I hope everyone had a great Easter!

I just wanted to give an update and to also say I hope everyone's Easter was a great one! We had a wonderful Easter this year. Baby Brooke's first Easter ever! I couldn't have hoped for a better time. She looked SO cute and was just so good tempered most of the day! Here are some of my favorite pictures of Easter festivities..

As you can see it was VERY eventful and full of fun food and family!! Anyways, I've been busy lately trying to get things cleaned, I still haven't gotten very far Brooke doesn't like me to not play with her for very long haha but I know I need to buckle down and work she will be crawling and then walking before I know it and so things really have to be organized, cleaned, and baby proofed soon! Next week is her Baptism I'm really looking forward to it! Tho, I do wish I would have planned it better so I would have more time and wouldn't be losing my mind right now. Only I would plan to have a baptism and party the week between Easter and Mother's day haha. Oh well it will keep me on my toes :o)
OH! Before I forget I also wanted to post that Brooke got to go to camp for the very first time!! She seemed to like it there! Which is good because I also like it there and so she'll be going there often! It was a miserable rain filled weekend but we still had a good time despite that and having to make a late night trip to a walmart (which isn't like at home where it's a few min.'s away) because I forgot to bring my contact solution. Hopefully next time we go the weather will be nicer and the zoo at the farmers inn will be open so we can show Brooke all the animals! She did get to pet a donkey and a mini pony tho! We also took her to Bear Town Rocks where we had to hide from hail before going to see the great view haha and took her into the park to get her picture taken in the smokey the bear thing!

It's been a busy crazy fun amazing past few months! In a week and a half my sweet baby will be 6 months old! Time is just flying by! I better get going and head to bed soon so I have the energy to do more housework tomorrow! I hope everyone has a great week and hopefully everyone reading this from around here isn't getting toooo flooded in all this crazy rain! Night everyone!

<3 Rachel

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