Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wow it's been so long!

I cant believe it's been about a month since I posted on here! Too much has been going on I guess. Plus I've been trying to get outside as much as possible! Keeps me from going too insane ha ha. We have been taking Brooke fishing with us to the pond we like to go to. She seems to like fishing too! She plays with the grass since she can sit independently now. She seems interested in the fish we catch tho we cant let her get too close or she'd try to eat it alive lol. She also tries to eat the end of my fishing pole when I hold her which is so gross. We installed baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs too since now that she's sitting by herself it's only a matter of time till she learns that she can move herself too! She's also starting to "talk" she babbles alot of "baa' baa's so my sister said she wants that to be her name auntie baa baa so that Brooke said her name first lol. It's been really funny listening to her refer to herself as baa baa lol. She also said ma ma a few times which made my heart so happy! We also took her to living treasures animal park she seemed very interested in all the animals she could see! Plus they had a baby camel there and he tried to eat her foot! It was so cute!! I hope to add pictures of that another time when I actually have them in my computer but who knows when or if that will even happen lol! So for now I'm going to end this post since Brooke is on my lap and honestly demanding my attention ha ha she has ahold of my fingers. I think she wants to post too... so here it goes  Brooke's first blog post!!

kompk m
/\]d./ xdrl 'x

I'm pretty sure that's baby for Thank you for reading my mommy's blog! Love, Brooke lol
And to close today I'm going to add the video of Brooke "talking"! Enjoy!


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