Friday, June 3, 2011

Last Min. Vaca!

So the big news i mentioned before.... Chris is getting a new job!! He'll be starting it at the end of the month so that left us with some vacation time before then so other big news!... were going on vacation! We didn't think we were going to get to go anywhere this year or possibly next either so we are so excited! We are going to Chincoteague Va to enjoy the beach and hopefully see some wild ponies! We are staying at a place called The Refuge Inn from Monday till Friday! On Thursday we are going on a guided boat ride thing (for lack of better words). It's a 2 hour tour I believe around the area to hopefully spot the ponies, or dolphins or birds or whatever other creature decides to show up, but we will also get to go and pull crab traps!! The lady who we are I guess you could say chartering from will take you to her traps and you get to keep what you help catch! And since we're staying at a place with no stove she was so kind as to agree to add for only just 10 dollars to take them home with her and steam them for us and bring them to our room!! How crazy is that! It was so kind of her! You can't hardly beat a deal like that fresh just caught crab delivered to your room for 10 bucks! I'll make sure to post all about what we did while away when i return home but for now it's midnight and I need to sleep because I only have 48 hours to have everything packed and ready to go! Oh and happy first week of summer vaca for all the Butler kids and teachers!!



  1. I wish I could fit in your suitcase too! Have fun and take lots of pics.