Friday, March 18, 2011

Just a few quick words

It has been SO nice out these past few days that I've been too tired to write at night before bed! We've gone for a walk with my mom to the park near her house (a picture of that to come at a later date). Walked by my house, played outside in the sunshine! All that fresh air has made us tired! Plus I have been trying to battle the crazy amount of dirt/clutter/excess-iveness that has lived in my house for WAY to long now! I haven't gotten vary far at that battle yet, it's so hard when it's nice AND you have a sweet potato with a stuffy nose who wants her mommy! I'm hoping to get my Easter decorations (the little I have) up maybe tomorrow. It's the only thing that needs done for the holiday other than buying cards. I'd also like to maybe do an Easter/Spring craft or 2 or 10 in the next few weeks so I will add them on here as I do them :o)   And for any of you who are in search of a good deal, I signed up for my free coupon of coffee creamer from vocal point and linked it to my blog for anyone else who reads this to  try to get as well! I love Vocal Point and well any company that is willing to send me coupons for free full sized products! I got a free box of pasta because of them not too long ago! I don't really care for coffee so I"m not sure if I will find a friend to give the coupon too or maybe just leave it in the grocery store under one of the creamers to brighten some one's day! Anyways it's late and my little one is asleep so to bed I am heading too! Night and I hope everyone in this nice weather has been enjoying it! Welcome back Spring! We sure have missed you!

<3 Rachel

P.S.   I think there is a bird living in our bird house this year!! It makes me so excited!!

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