Monday, March 14, 2011

"Luck of the Irish Family Fun Night"

So even tho we aren't actually Irish, and it's not quite St. Patrick's day I thought it would be fun to have a family fun night using the theme anyways! And let me tell you, I was right! I made sure there were an array of activities from board game - cross word puzzles. Then to make things interesting we needed something to want to play for! Introducing "Lucky Bucks"

I found these cute printable dollars online! I printed out 8 making each game we played worth 1. Next we set a value to them. We set the stakes pretty high making them worth basically anything a foot rub, a you get up with the baby this morning, a get out of dishes pass, etc.. anything you really want the other person to do instead! It made us both REALLY want to win! First game up was a hand cut paper puzzle of a shamrock! There was only 1 so we timed it, it took Chris forever! Over 11 minutes! He never completely finished it, he said I didn't cut it right that there were things missing but I didn't believe him! Next up was my turn.. it took me almost 9 min. and I realized that there were indeed pieces missing so no one got to win lol! After that we did a word search puzzle and Chris kicked my butt!! Next up was a round of Yahtzee! 

Chris was in the process of rolling a Yahtzee as I took this picture SO needless to say he won that game. We played a second time to make up for my puzzle disaster and once again he rolled a Yahtzee and I did not. Score so far Chris-3 Rachel-0  this was NOT looking good for me! Next we did a printable maze, the picture below says it all...

I didn't even get half way!!! I was really getting worried now! Chris-4 Rachel-0  After that last disaster I was looking forward to playing the card game Golf. I was sure my luck would turn around.. but alas Chris beat me by almost 25 points.. I was only 1 away from having double the points he did and this is a game about having low points! Next we did another word search puzzle and FINALLY I won!! Chris-5 Rachel-1 After that we did a quick printable sheet of a pot of clovers and you had to find the only 4 leaf one.. and unfortunately CHRIS WON AGAIN! I couldn't believe what bad luck I'd had! Last but not least we settled into the couch for a round of Life on wii. Chris won but acted like a bad sport during most of the game so he said it shouldn't count so we played mousetrap on wii for the last lucky buck. This picture will show how those results ended..

All in all it was a super fun night even tho the results ended with Chris winning 7 of the 8 lucky bucks! It looks like I will have a lot of the no fun chores heading my way! Maybe he'll save them for awhile and forget and I'll get lucky but it's doubtful! We have till St. Patrick's day next year to use them but I have a feeling they will be used in less than 2 weeks! To wrap up our game night here's one last photo showing our winnings!

Thanks to everyone who's reading along! I hope you all have had a great night and have fun finding ways to keep happiness in your homes!

<3 Rachel

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  1. Great idea! It will make a good family tradition for you guys :)