Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boring Every Day Things

That is what has made up these last few days.. well not all of it Sunday we did have dinner (a very tasty one at that) with my in-laws :o)  it was nice to see them up till my headache took over. I had a headache most of monday as well which made everything seem impossible to do so  I did very little. Today I went to the dentist.. 1 cavity!! wasnt too happy about that but I suppose everyone will get at least 1 someday and this is my 1. After the dentist I did the laundry and then I held my sleepy baby till dinner time and then we had our Baptism class at the church that we had to attend in order to baptize Brooke. So hopefully within the next month or 2 we can get that to happen!! But now my baby is crying and hungry and I'm very sleepy so hopefully I will feel back to normal tomorrow and get some time to do a craft to blog about! I hope everyone's had a great day!

<3 Rachel

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