Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snow... really... that's all I have to say

Ugh.. snow! Even if it doesn't stick to the ground it's still snowing. After those beautiful days awhile back snow feels like a kick in the pants. To make matters even better Brooke has whined pretty much every moment she's been awake today. It's not crying, just a pitiful little whining noise that after awhile just REALLY gets under my skin. You can't get mad at her since she's just a baby but it still can get frustrating to listen to when I know she's perfectly fine. Here's hoping that it's just a stage and will end soon much like the stupid snow! Tonight we're going to my mom's house for supper. (Thank goodness to have a chance to pass off the baby when she's whining for awhile lol.) She's making chili which i think is disgusting but my husband loves it, so when she makes it we go over. It's his only chance to enjoy it because I refuse to cook a dinner that I wont eat.
Anyways, I tried to start to make a paper bunny head craft to hang up on the wall.. nothing special just SOMETHING because I haven't had the time or opportunity to use to my creativity and when I don't get that chance I start to get cranky. I'm not sure if I like it or not yet, what do you all think?

It's not finished yet, not even close because I couldn't decide if I even liked it. Plus Brooke started whining SOO loudly and the dog kept trying to basically lay on it that I about lost my mind and had to leave it for later.It would need teeth, whiskers, more detail to the eyes and maybe a hair bow or something before it was finished. I'm also hoping to finish my staircase decor before Easter actually gets here. Currently it looks like this:

I'd love to add lettering to it that says "Hopping Down The Bunny Trail" as well as Easter eggs and other details. If not this year maybe next :o)
Well that's going to have to be all I write today as the baby whines have started again. This has been SUCH a long day ha-ha

<3 Rachel

P.S. At least I finished the dining room and started working on the kitchen these last few days, maybe I'll have my goal of being clean by summer done early! Here's hoping! Oh and just wait till I post about the fun that's going to happen on April Fool's Day! muahahahhahaha!

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