Sunday, March 13, 2011

My very FIRST post!

First I'd like to say hello to anyone who stumbles across this! I'm not sure what exactly this is going to be, if I ever remember to post on it at all that is.."the road to good intentions..." I just wanted a place of my own, somewhere maybe I could inspire others as I've been inspired from the blogs I read. And now a little about me..
My name is Rachel
I am a stay at home mommy to Brooke who is still so teeny tiny at 4 months old! She holds most of my heart!
I got my title for my blog from being the only stay at home mom my age that I know, so I figured it made sense to me to post as Rachel at home since well that's where I am!
The other holder of my heart is my husband Chris! We've been married for 2 years and 6 months as of yesterday! I love him so much he makes even the bad days worth trudging through to get to spending time together.
I am the owner of an adorable dog named Bindi (after the croc-hunters little girl) she will always be my first "baby".
 I am the daughter of 2 loving parents who after 26 years are still lovingly married setting an incredible example of how married life should be!
I have 1 wonderful sister who I will always be a huge fan of *even if that includes her rugby playing*
I am the lucky daughter-in-law of 2 incredible people who treat me like one of there own
I am also the sister-in-law to my kind fun loving brother and sister in law :o)
I am a huge fan of finding new recipes I rarely make the same things twice.
I LOVE crafts they are just a slight huge obsession of mine :o)
I'm still finding my way with all these things above but I'm enjoying every  day of it! Well I think that's it from me for my very first blog post! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
<3 Rachel

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  1. HI. I stumbled upon your blog by doing some clicking on brown paper packages! Looks like you're just starting out and doing a great job at it! =)
    You can check out my blog at
    hope you enjoy.
    i'm also a new follower.